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Grayson K Rodgers is your group of ear, nose, and throat doctors who are ready to remedy your problems and ailments. For 26 years in the Birmingham area, patients have sought help from our facility and have left feeling and hearing better. We are experienced and have the knowledge to research and accurately diagnose your problems. We also offer hearing tests to better determine your condition and we prescribe hearing aides to those in need of a boost to their hearing.

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Our Services:

  • Hearing Tests and Clinic
  • Throat Specialists
  • Nose Specialists
  • Hearing Aides
  • Children and Adult Services
  • And More
Grayson K Rodgers ensures that you receive only the highest quality of care and an accurate diagnosis. Our goal is to diagnose and treat you in a timely fashion so that you feel relief sooner rather than later. Children are welcome and our staff is caring and friendly. We treat people of all ages and backgrounds. Speak to one of our qualified staff members today at (205) 202-8980.

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